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To make an enquiry for Wedding Catering, Barbecues, Birthday Caterers, Graduations, Anniversary's, Charity Event Catering, picnics, or any other event, please make an enquiry and we will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can with a price list and menus.

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Alfresco Mobile Catering Grade 5 Food Hygiene Rating

Alfresco Mobile Catering has been awarded a grade 5 for food hygiene.

Alfresco Mobile Catering only uses british sourced meat
Alfresco Mobile Catering is a member of Nationwide Caterers association
Alfresco Mobile Catering offers biodegradable table cloths, crockery, and cutlery on request as well as waitress and washing up service.
Our outside unit complys with all health and safety aspects, including risk assessments and Gas and electric checks.